Adam Raffi


Zulhanis Zakeria

Creative Director

Athirah Bahrin

Graphic Designer

Amira Marozi

Graphic Designer


We are THE MUNKEE, beasts with no principle. We move in troops & playing most of the time. We express affection and make peace with others by enriching each other with knowledge.

Do you know THE MUNKEE has IQ of 174.

We believe the intelligent can be achieved by enriching each others. As Titi Munkee has grooming advantage, Capuchin munkee is the most skillful and Spider munkee is the quickest among all.

By being witty and cunningly crafty, we serve client with agile & no-boring approach. We wanted our client to WIN. When they WIN, We be proud MUNKEE *showing teeth*

BiGQ : The Quarters

BiGQ is the habitat for the troop to grow & learn, BiGQ is equipped with the  war room, opportunity to learn, unlearn & relearn in a supportive environment.
Because we believe TALENT is the combination of Education, Experience & Environment.

This is our second home. The space between workplace and clubhouse. The branch for the munkee to ‘hang around’, squeezing our creative juice, make mistake & learn fast.

You gotta have the MUNKEE attitude to live in BiG. If not, you cant sit with us


We believe there is no bullshit as getting it easy. We fail fast. We fail forward. We celebrate every milestone with pride.


In BIGADS, we encourage everyone to contribute in whatever way possible. We work hand in hand with charity NGO, The Gagaks as our key partner to do good deeds to the community.

Lets join us by contributing or simply be our honourable client.


Even MUNKEE need to doze off after a long day hustling. In BIGADS, everyone is allowed to a good 20-minutes powernap just to silence our mind. To recharge and to loosen up our creative muscle. We sleep to wake up.

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