Dai’ Holidays is a travel agency that provides domestic and international tourism services including Hajj and Umrah. This travel agency owned by a famous celebrity from a television program called Dai’ known as Dai’ Hilman. They were based in Damansara, Selangor.

These are the services that they need:

  • Social Media Content Curation
  • Advertisment Design


    They are planning to increase their sales and more focus on Hajj and Umrah. Bigads team prepares for the blueprint in the first month. Most of them are about Hajj and Umrah’s basic information. It is to gain audience trust towards the company. After doing a few research, Bigads team come out with the social media look idea. Then get approval from Dai’ Hilman on the content and social media look. Bigads start to deliver social media content curation.

    The next step is to produce artwork for advertising. After a few discussions with the marketing team and finalize the plan. Bigads produce the artwork according to the plan.

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