Little Fingers is a business where they provide education for parenting. At the beginning of Little Fingers, they start to spread the awareness of early education to train children’s motor skills and improve their focus. Little Fingers start to do videos for parents on how to make activities that train their children’s motor skills.

These are the problem that need to be overcome:

  • Social media Content Curration
  • Branding

The first step is to produce Little Fingers’ logo. Bigads team using the First letter of ‘Little Fingers’ word to make into a logo. The logo is using blur and pink color to symbolize the gender. Once the logo was approved, Bigads team proceed to the next process which is Social Media Content Curation

After a few discussions with Little Fingers’ team, Bigads team comes out with a blueprint for the first whole month. Bigads team prepares the blueprint with games, information, quotes and images. Bigads team also prepare the look for Little Fingers’ social media. Once the blueprint was approved, Bigads team schedule the posting as a daily post.

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