Pejuang Usahawan Sdn Bhd is a firm company that was founded on September 9, 2014. The Establishment aims to provide a platform to help entrepreneurs grow their company not only by relying solely on business but also with financing and investment assistance as a booster to fly higher. Recognizing the fact that too many entrepreneurs are lost in their business vision due to lack of knowledge of business and financial management, especially from the point of view of companies such as taxation, finance and investment, they are increasingly trying to convey knowledge among their specialty entrepreneurs.

Pejuang Usahawan needed help with their social media graphic designs. They need to have an effective graphic design for social media because it can support brand recognition and connects their target audience with their business and services. Bigads are helping them in getting visual on their social media to increase brand awareness. But the most important is to grow their follower’s engagement.

All designs we produced will make an opportunity for all business owners to connects and get advice from Pejuang Usahawan in order to grow their business.

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