Create a visual identity and logo for The Mad Pomade and apply that on a number of brand touchpoints. The primary customers are men in the age of 20 to 35 years old. The typical customer is a who seeking for simplicity in his life and is conscious about how he looks. Key words for The Mad Pomade are Shape, Simplicity, Masculine, Passion, Happiness, Modern, Industrial, Unique and finally a New way of thinking. The logo and identity will be used on business cards, gift cards, paper bags, enamel pins, combs, clothing, web site, folders and stationery.  

The hardest part in this challenge was to find a balance between simplicity and a new way of thinking, and at the same time I wanted to incorporate the male audience and the warmth of the founder of Barber. Somewhere between a more strict male look and a professional way. The solution is a symmetric composition with capital letters with serifs that signals confidence and pride. To soften the overall composition the more modern and strict composition for the word Pomade has been combined with a curvaceous line pattern.

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