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Dai Holidays
Delight Dim Sum
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Farhat Wellness
Goodman Coffee
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Hospital Selayang
Hyppe Biz
Hyra Voiture
I Studio
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Inas Sdn Bhd
Jamu Mak Dara
K2 Solution
Kak Ell
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Kedah International Bike Week
Kedai Emas Sarawak
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King’s CKT
KK Group
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Little Fingers

M Floor
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Mojito Worldwide
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My Sarawak Shope
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Pejuang Usahawan
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Perfect Hearing


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Restoran Emak Engku
Roundtable Consultancy
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Slim me now
Smart Link
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Stylo Republic
Success Family
Suehas Bakery
The Mad Pomade
Trip Guangzhou
VNI Scientific
Wardah Kidz
Wid Wid Beauty
YJS Resources
Zahra Zakia


Kiah Raya

Kiah Raya is an online business event. This event was founded by a famous celebrity which name Rozita Che Wan. It was held during the Movement Restriction Order (MCO) was enforced. The event was build in an e-commerce website where it gathered all business owners to sell their product in the website. Bigads team helped them to build the website, poster, banner and motion for the website to make it more attractive to the audience for the event’s flow to be smooth. Moreover, Bigads team also made the artwork for their ‘Sedekah Subuh’ charity part of the program

KK Mart

Established in 2001, KK SUPER MART is a 24 hours homegrown convenience store. The company’s vision is to provide consumer convenience globally. Since 2001, KK SUPER MART was founded by Yang Berbahagia Datuk Seri Dr. KK Chai, a Sarawakian who inherited his late grandfather’s sundry shop business skills. The annual magazine for KK Mart is their yearly magazine about their company activities. Bigads team has assigned to comes out with an annual magazine for them. KK Mart team provide all the information and pictures that should be inserted into the magazine. Bigads team rearranges the magazine according to the KK Mart briefs.

Mayang Kopie Perang

Mayang is a company that sells healthy drinks based on berries, chocolate and brown rice. The three types of the drinks are My Berry, My Coco and ‘Kopi Perang’. It is believed that brown rice drinks can make your body healthy. These three drink from Mayang contains a lot of benefit even for kids. Those benefits are, it will always help you feel energetic, helping you in the process of having a healthy lifestyle and what not. Creating something different and unique is always what we are looking for. Same goes for Mayang, we produce a lot of graphic designs that looks fresh and attractive. Dividing the posting into 3 color, we use pink for My Berry Drink, brown for My Coco Drink and turqoise for Kopie Perang. We curate Mayang’s content on its social media to give more info about their product. We include all info about the benefits, ingredients and how to consume these 3 three products.

Fawwaz Kitchen

Named the company after her baby son by Mahfudzah Mustafha, Fawwaz Kitchen has been helping busy mothers with their ready-to-eat baby food in order to make sure children grow up with nutritious food sufficiently. The company has around 22 items of food and fruit powders, freeze-dried fruits and vegetable-flavoured dry macaroni. all the items are free of sugar,salt, preservatives and artificial coloring. We use purple and yellow as the main color for their design as requested by Fawwaz Kitchen team itself. We are using these theme color in producing their social media graphic poster. The other important tools for expanding this baby food marketing is using motion video. In Bigads, we create a simple but attractive motion video to promote the product.

Madu Pulut Royale

Madu Pulut Royal is a sticky rice honey business. The sticky rice is made by cooking the sticky rice milk until it turns out to be starch. And from the starch, it will become a sticky rice honey. This Madu Royale is believe to improve body health , increase energy, strengthen your antibody, improve skin beauty, and smoothen the digestion. What is more interesting, this sticky rice honey is a legacy since 1930. Bigads designed its official packaging for them to engage more with the audience. We use a tall square box for its packaging as the bottle is tall and similar to wine bottle. Bigads also assist them in creating and designing their official logo. We include paddy illustration as the honey was made by paddy rice. Besides, we also include a claim of legacy since 1930 to show the audience that this sticky rice honey has been exists since 1930.

Pejuang Usahawan

Pejuang Usahawan Sdn Bhd is a firm company that was founded on September 9, 2014. The Establishment aims to provide a platform to help entrepreneurs grow their company not only by relying solely on business but also with financing and investment assistance as a booster to fly higher. Pejuang Usahawan needed a help with their social media graphic designs. They need to have an effective graphic design for social media because it can supports towards brand recognition and connects their target audience with their business and services.

Farhat Wellness

Farhat Wellness is a beauty spa company located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. They provide a facial treatment and also sell skincare products from their brands. Highlighting their treatment to help people look beautiful and pretty, they have different types of treatment such as nose filler, platelet-rich plasma, chemical peeling treatment and many more. For Farhat Wellness, we help them in designing their sticker, social media graphic, logo and signage. As for social media, we assist them by doing a content curration. It is to provide value to their audience. Relatable for their nature way in producing skincare, we inculde the leaves to represent nature.


Moro My is an E-Commerce platform for baby and kid goods. In Moro, you can find varieties of baby and kids products. Additionally, Moro also have products for mommy which can help them during confinement time. The brand strategy, verbal and visual identity were developed. It was decided to use the experience of mothers regarding the necessary and unnecessary functions of the products. The brand concept is a wise adviser who has gathered all the experience and knowledge of mothers, who knows what a child really needs and what will never be used and what is done only to increase the cost of the product. A website of was build to make it easier for mothers out there to purchase any product from Moro through online.

Little Fingers

Little Fingers is a business where they provide education for parenting. At the beginning of Little Fingers, they start to spread the awareness of early education to train children’s motor skills and improve their focus. Little Fingers start to do videos for parents on how to make activities that train their children’s motor skills. Bigads team produce their main logo and social media content curration. We make their content to be more attractive and organised on their social media.


Sknytox is a brand where it focusing on helping in loosing weights. Specifies their product in health and beauty drink, their mission is to help people in getting their ideal body shape with the help of Sknytox supplements. As they are new brands, Skyntox is lack in photos and content of their product. Bigads’ graphic design team helping them in doing a photo shoot of their product. Besides, a content research was done in order to make sure all the benefits and information of the product will be deliver correctly. In addition, we also include some tips on diet journey and came up with an official hashtag which is #LawanAlasan

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